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i'll leave the lights down low so she knows i mean business [19 Jun 2004|01:11am]
[ mood | tired ]

just takin a few quizzez :)

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...breath taking
Your hugs are...to die for
Your eyes...light up a day
Your touch is...awakening my heart
Your smell is...amazing
Your smile is...entrancing
Your love is...eternal
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

<3 -allie

how could you say those things
when you know they dont mean anything
and you know very well
that i can't keep my hands to myself

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and in that moment i swear we were infinite. [17 Jun 2004|03:08am]
[ mood | hungry ]

yep. i'm bored! so i'm doing some surveys and eatting food. heres the surveys:

Lots of Random Quizez I Got From KathrynCollapse )

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[17 Jun 2004|02:31am]
does anyone know where i can find someone to make me a johnny depp layout?


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[16 Jun 2004|06:11am]
Your Johnny Depp future... by cdub10S358
Username/First name:
Your icon:
Your ideal Johnny Depp character:Ed Wood
When you meet:July 7, 2016
Where:At his Tashmore Lake-side cabin in upstate New York
What happens:He can't keep his eyes off you.
Then:All you could ever've imagined...and more.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

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cool man [04 Jun 2004|05:54am]
1.) Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b> <*/font>
2.) Eliminate the asterisks.
2 1/2.) Replace "yourusername" with your user name. duh.
3.) See what color you are.


did it work? i hope so.


this is what livin like this does

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boys like you are dime-a-dozen. [04 Jun 2004|04:46am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Another Damn Survey...Collapse )


dont let it go to your head
boys likes you are dime-a-dozen
you're a touch overrated

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i hope the next boy that you kiss has something terribly contageous on his lips [30 May 2004|03:06am]
[ mood | okay ]

*update: 6/4/04* i switched sum stuff on the survey

im bored so heres a survey and a picture..

Survey + JeremyCollapse )


i'm better off alone anyway..

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baby i love you more than you'll ever know [30 May 2004|02:24am]
[ mood | sick ]


i put a pic of Jeremy on my background but it covered up the part with him in it. good thing though because id feel like a goddamn psycho bitch if i put his face on here.

nothins happend since we got outta school i guess. wednesday i was exempt all day i didnt go and jonathan came over and we chased my cat thru the house for a while and then we walked over to the school when they let out and met everybody up and we all rode Kristy's bus to her house but she had to leave so we went to Dougs and smoked a joint and a peach flavored sweet. Will gave me a box of stale nilla waffers but i has the munchies likea mofo so i ate them anyway. and then i dont remmeber what happend after that cause my days r getting blurred together. then on thursday Kristy Kayla and i skipped last period (we only had 2) and ran around with jonathan and daniel. we broke into the gym (actuly it was open but it wasnt supposed to be i dont think) and ran around in the dark for a while but teachers kept walkin by and i got scared. and then omg! kayla and kristy went out into the hall and then jonathan went too and i stayed in there. and i was lookin out the window into the hall and this teacher saw me and i freaked out and then i was all shaky and then jonathan snuck in and in this stupid adult voice goes 'stay where u r' and it scared me so bad i just fell over. like almost fainted. it was crazy. man i almost cryed when i realized it was him. ugh. then we ran into Kyle, Brendon, and some other people and i dont remember what happend. ohh and Johnathan jumped off the balcany! it was badass! but theyre gonna make him go to fuckin alternative for the whole fall semester next year. thats bs. anyway at the end of the day when they let us out for summer, me, Kristy, Jonathan, Anthony, and NickPerrin walked to my house and then to Doug/Will's and then we walked like 2 miles looking for a place to smoke the sweet kristy bought for me and her (strawberry) and didnt find one and it was hot so kristy and i got really bitchy and we walked home and made the guys leave.. haha but nick left his skateboard at my house so im keepin it til i see him which wont be soon... and then kristy and i hung out then got bored so we took the skateboard and went into the woods and smoked the sweet then walked around town and ran into cassie and brittany and really thats about all i think. no wait kristy spent the night. i knew that. oh yea! we called Ti-Ray that night and he was there with some Chris guy and we kept tryin to get them to sneek out but his parents are zombies and never sleep so we decided wed go over there. except that my next door neighbor is a cop and we only got as far as the front yard til he saw us... so we went inside and i was pissed off and wanted to try again but kristy was scared so we just went to sleep. that sucked. then we went to the beach the next day where the dumb mexicans (no offence, its only some of them) fuckin followed us in their car and honked at us and whistled and called us names and shit. mother fuckers. and thats all that happend that day. yea it sucked i think .

umm yea i guess thats all that happend since schools out. we had a swim meet in Baycity yesterday and it was bad ass. our 15-16 age group 200 free relay SMOKED the college girls relay!! hell yea! i think we might qualify for state maybe maybe. and on my IM i either beat or tied (im not surE) with Brie, whos like 20 and has been swimmin for way longer than me. so ha! except i got DQed cause they said i only did a one hand touch on my breaststroke but thats bs.. it was a hand and a finger.. and out medley relay got first too. and the college girls kicked my ass at fly.. and jane too whos only a year older then me. damnit. im an IMer baby all the way. woop woop thats all that happend

and ive sat here ever since. im so fuckin bored. everyones outta town until monday!! Kristys in Houston, Jonathans in Browsville, Kaylas in Galveston, and Coy is moving back from Arkansaw on monday. they all come back on monday. damnit. later im gona call anthony and get him to come skate with me. :) yea.

oh yea i havent updated in way over like forever. i had a boyfriend for like a month and a half but he broke up with me cause i yelled at him (how fucked up is that) so w/e hes a pussy i guess. and now i like his best friend (the guy in the pic) Jeremy. but dont fuckin tell cause i dont kno if anythings gonna happen or not. cause jeremy's all like loyal to kyle and shit when, and dont get me wrong kyles a great guy i wudnt have gone out with him if he wasnt, but hes a shitty friend to jeremy. he blows him off if he has someone 'better' to hang out with. and he makes up bullshit lies to get rid of him. and jeremys like 'no kyles my best friend i cant do that to him' and shit. god its such fucking bullshit i HATE what kyle does to him. like the other day, all jeremy wanted to do was go up to the mall with kyle and brendon and adam but kyle made up a lie so jeremy wudnt go up there and he told him that 'some dealer was bein chased by the cops and he gave them all his coke and heroine and they sold it for 500$ and now they had to leave so he cudnt come up there' WTF?! whos gonna believe that shit??? damn ima calm down. but anyway. i just dont like how he is to him somethimes cause sometimes hes really nice and a good friend. i dunno. kyles great. i guess. i wanna talk to jeremy rihg tnow.

im sick i have sinus and cough and stuff. ima go. ttyl bye


love is like novacane
and it leaves a little stain
the beauty in all this pain is
i cant get away from you

.TaKe My HaNd.

[29 May 2004|06:02pm]
look how rare my name is... i got this from a friend but i dont rememner who.. sorry
its crazy how 'rare' my first name is

Allie Kathryn Riechers

allie is the #764 most common female name.
0.013% of females in the US are named allie.
Around 16575 US females are named allie!
source namestatistics.com

kathryn is the #82 most common female name.
0.234% of females in the US are named kathryn.
Around 298350 US females are named kathryn!
source namestatistics.com

riechers is the #60793 most common last name.
0.0005% of last names in the US are riechers.
Around 1250 US last names are riechers!
source namestatistics.com

oh yea... beat that last name! lol. u wanna kno why? it's cause my grandparents moved here from germany... so i guess the whole familys still there ;]

.TaKe My HaNd.

[29 May 2004|10:15am]
You're hemp!
you're most probably a stoner. or hang out with a
bunch of them. you probaby have an attraction
to druggies. I don't know anyone who has hemp
antyhing and isn't a stoner... that's ok,
because hemp is the best one! you're probably
really laid back and most probably creative
too. you single?

Which Body Shop fragrance are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Take the quiz: "Which prop from 'American Pie' are you?"

The Tainted Beer
You are the tainted beer that Stifler unwitingly drank. Your mind is tainted with the kind of thoughts that would make most people ill.

Take the quiz: "Which Disney Character Are You?"

Ariel (Little Mermaid)
You LOVE to explore the sea and you love to swim. You love to wonder.

Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

You are blue collar and Rock n Roll. You Work hard and party harder.

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sha sha shakin', sha sha shakin'.... [10 Apr 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey! whats up?! i've been wonderin around lj lookin for communities to join and now im in up to my neck in them! lol! but i found some cool people too and lookie what else!

A - You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
L - Love is something you deeply believe in.
L - Love is something you deeply believe in.
I - You are always smiling & making others smile.
E - You are a very exciting person.

*For u to try:

A - You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
B - You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people.
C - You definitely have a partier side in you, dont be shy to show it.
D - You have trouble trusting people.
E - You are a very exciting person.
F - Everyone loves you.
G - You have excellent ways of viewing people.
H - You are not judgemental.
I - You are always smiling & making others smile.
J - Jealousy.
K - You like to try new things.
L - Love is something you deeply believe in.
M - Success comes easily to you.
N - You like to work, but you always want a break.
O - You are very open-minded.
P - You are very friendly and understanding.
Q - You are a hypocrite.
R - You are a social butterfly.
S - You are very broad-minded.
T - You have an attitude, a big one.
U - You feel like you have to equal up to people's standards.
V - You have very good physical and looks.
W - You like your privacy.
X - You never let people tell you what to do.
Y - You cause a lot of trouble.
Z - You're always fighting with someone.

**thanks to daniela (fifie331)

sorry i dont kno how to make those little clicky things. anyway im kinda busy so ill be back in a little bit! bye!


.TaKe My HaNd.

we make the same mistakes mistakes like friends do [09 Apr 2004|01:29pm]
[ mood | fat ]

x. name = allie
x. birthday = january 18
x. piercings = 6
x. tattoos = no
x. height = 5'2
x. shoe size = 7
x. hair color = brown with highlights
x. siblings = 1 brother
x. pets = 1 dog 1 cat

x. movie you rented = pieces of april
x. movie you bought = dunno
x. song you listened = until the day i die - story of the year
x. song that was stuck in your head = ocean avenue - yellowcard
x. song you've downloaded = dunno
x. cd you bought = new blink-182
x. cd you listened to = burned one
x. person you've called = anthony
x. person that's called you = aaron
x. tv show you've watched = power fuse
x. person you were thinking of = anthony

x. you have a bf or gf = no
x. you have a crush on someone = yea
x. you wish you could live somewhere else = not right now
x. you think about suicide = no
x. others find you attractive = some people
x. you want more piercings = a few
x. you want more tattoos = no
x. you drink = every weekend
x. you do drugs = no
x. you like cleaning = no it sucks
x. you like roller coasters = oh yea
x. you write in cursive or print = print
x. you carry a donor card = no

for or against
x. long distance relationships = not cool
x. using someone = against
x. suicide = against
x. killing people = against
x. teenage smoking = against
x. doing drugs = against
x. premarital sex = for
x. driving drunk = against
x. gay/lesbian relationships = i dont care
x. soap operas = i dont care

x. food = pizza
x. song = grand theft autumn/where is your boy?, i'm shakin', ocean avenue, cute without the 'e', i believe in a thing called love, until the day i die
x. thing to do = chill and run
x. thing to talk about = shit
x. sports = swimming and soccer
x. drinks = sprite
x. clothes = comfortable and a hat
x. movies = superstar.. all time fave
x. bands = fall out boy*, rooney*, blink-182, yellowcard, lostprophets, story of the year, autopilot off
x. holiday = easter cause u get long breaks
x. cars = honda baby all the way... ive got a pontiac sunfire

have you...
x. ever cried over a girl or boy = yea
x. ever lied to someone = yea
x. ever been in a fist fight = yea
x. ever been arrested = no

x. shampoo do you use = brilliant brunette
x. perfume do you use = rag doll
x. shoes do you wear = roxy or flipflops
x. are you scared of = shit

x. of times I have had my heart broken? = too many
x. number of hearts I have broken? = a couple
x. of boys I have kissed? = enough
x. of girls I have kissed? = enough
x. of continents I have lived in? = one
x. of drugs taken illegally? = enough
x. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = 2
x. of people I consider my enemies? = 4
x. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? = still in school
x. of cd's that I own? = a whole lot
x. of scars on my body? = a lot from when i was little
x. of things in my past that I regret? = nothing
x. What color underwear are you wearing right now?= cranberry and blue
x. What are you listening to right now?= blink-182
x. What are the last 4 digits of your phone#? = 4367 / 0732
x. Whats the last thing you ate? = chips
x. If you were a crayon what color would you be? = lime green
x. Where do you plan to go on your honeymoon? -= dunno
x. How is the whether right now? = very nice
x. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? = calves
x. How are you right now? = okay
x. How do you eat an Oreo? = yuck
x. Favorite movie to watch? = superstar
x. What's the next CD you're going to get? = lostprophets
x. What’s the next DVD you’re going to get? = school of rock
x. Do you wear contacts? = no
x. Favorite month? = dunno
x. Last movie you watched? = dunno
x. Favorite time of year? = summer
x. Are you shy to ask someone out? = yea
x. You Like Scary or Happy Movies Better? = dunno
x. You prefer Kisses or Hugs? = kisses
x. Do You like Ja Rule or DMX Better? = ja rule
x. Who's the only girl/guy you want to go out with? = i cant tell
x. What kind of music do you like? = stuff
x. Do you get good grades? = yea
x. Who do you want to be your wife or husband? = dunno

x. I may seem: stuck up
x. but I'm really: overpowering
x. people who know me think: im not what they thought i would be
x. sometimes I feel: frantic
x. my days are pretty: fun
x. yesterday: sucked
x. i: hate kristy
x. i like to sleep: a lot
x. if i could be doing anything right now I would be: see anthony or kayla
x. money is: stupid
x. one thing I don't have that I wish I did is: a perfect body
x. one thing I have that I wish I didn't is: shitty friends
x. all you need to know is: -----beep-----
x. all I need is: more time
x. if I had one wish it would be: money was never invinted
x. When I look in the mirror I see: allie
x. love is: blinding
x. my body: ugh
x. if an angel flew through my window at night I would: cry
x. if a demon crashed into my window I would: hide in my closet and piss my pants
x. if I could see one person right now it would be: kayla
x. something I want but I don't really need is: stuff
x. something I need but I don't really want is: a trip to the gyno
x. i live for: myself
x. I dare you all to: be yourself and dont worry
x. it makes me angry when: im in a bad mood
x. I dream: ok.
x. i daydream: a lot
x. one year ago, I: was 1 year younger
x. Which is more important, personality or looks?: personality
x. What kind of personality do you like in a guy/girl?: duno
x. Do you move fast or slow in a relationship?: kinda moderate
x. What is your idea of the perfect guy/girl?: dunno
x. When's the last time you cried?: yesterday
x. What do you want to be when you grow up?: when i turn 17 im going into the air force
x. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: no
x. How far have you gotten?: kissin

Within the last 24 hours, have you...
x. Had a serious talk?: yea
x. Hugged someone?: i dunno
x. Gotten along well with your parents?: yea
x. Fought with a friend?: yea

Do you like to...
x. give hugs?: sorta
x. Give back rubs?: sure
x. Take walks in the rain?: yea
x. Do you ever have one of those falling dream?: no
x. Whats on you're walls?: stuff
x. When you chew gum, what kind?: wrigleys
x. Do you use chap stick?: somtimes

In the last month have/did you...
x. Made Out?: no
x. Go on a date?: no
x. Go to the mall?: yea
x. Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: no
x. Eaten sushi?: no
x. Been on stage?: no
x. Been dumped?: no
x. Had someone be unfaithful to you?: yes
x. Watched The Smurfs?: no
x. Hiked a mountain?: no
x. Made homemade cookies?: no
x. Been in love?: no

More stuff.
x. Are you popular?: maybe
x. Are you pretty?: i dunno
x. What is your favorite word to say: ?
x. What is your favorite phrase to say?: i dunno?
x. What are you doing right now?: bored
x. What are you wearing?: clothes
x. Cold or hot?: hot
x. Lace or satin?: satin
x. Blue or Red?: blue
x. New or old?: depends
x. Rain or snow?: rain
x. Give or receive?: i dont kno
x. Wool or cotton?: cotton
x. Rose or Daisy?: rose
x. Private school or public school?: public
x. Chocolate milk or plain milk?: chocolate
x. Celsius or Fahrenheit?: fahrenheit
x. Spring or Fall?: spring
x. Inny or outty?: inny
x. Now or then?: now

.TaKe My HaNd.

you caught me and now i'll never be free [09 Apr 2004|10:10am]
once you fall in love you're gone. it's instinct. i still check beside me when i awake suddenly in the middle of the night, i still mouth the words to all the songs we once sang, knowing the beauty of anothers voice being so perfectly out of tune with yours. once you fall in love theres no turning back. you can't remember what it was like in those blissful days when you wrote epic poems about what you thought love was, metaphors about roses and thorns and throwing around the word unrequited. love does not go unrequited. in order for it to be love, it must be mutural, it must be a delivery and then a rapid rebuttal, give and take, a scale that balances perfectly.
once you fall in love, it's tragic. i can't seem to disillusion myself into believing that it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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there's a place off Ocean Avenue where i used to sit and talk with you [09 Apr 2004|10:00am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

hey guys. im sorry my update was so angry last night :] mmm... oh yea! i talked to the guy that supposedly used me and has a girlfriend and he swears he doesnt and he even made his friend get on the phone and tell me .. but theres soo much signs that he does! ah i just dont get boys!

until the day i die i'll spill my heart for you..

does anyone have these cds?
.lostprophets - (either cd)
.story of the year - page avenue
.the darkness - (the new one)
.yellowcard - (the new one)
.the offspring - (the new one)
.hoobastank - (the new one)

? ... if u do, cud u please tell me if theyre any good? :) thank you

ill tell u a gooood cd!!! the new blink-182!

hey i gotta go! talk to u guys later! thanks for readin'


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[08 Apr 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | angry ]

hey i just moved here from blurty.

i HATE "EX"-friends who invite themselves over to your other friends house where ur staying at ... uninvited. when you HAVE to stay there cause you have no where else to stay and they just want to be a bitch and invite themselves. and copy every fucking thing you do. and i HATE HER SO MUCH!

i hate bitches that are supposedly your friend but right after you break up with your boyfriend they snag him and the faunt around about it. i hate it when theyre both fucking SLUTS pdaing all over the fucking school.

i hate boys that say they like you and you like them and you think its great and perfect .. then you find out they have a girlfriend that they lied to you about. and they were just using you the whole time.

what happend to you today? go ahead, post in my comments i wanna know if im the only one having a shitty fucking day.


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